Tips to make the most of your holiday memories

Tips to make the most of your holiday memories
[[PAGE-INTRO]]For most people the holidays are over. Luckily we are here to give you the best tips to make the most of your holiday memories. Because it was so wonderful to feel the warmth of the sun on your arms and legs outdoors and to feel free. Can’t get enough of that ultimate holiday feeling? Then get started with the following tips to enjoy those last summer days.

1. Put photos of your favorite moments on your background

You take the most beautiful pictures on vacation. Make sure you see that beautiful, authentic street or that breathtaking blue sea a few times every day by setting the photos on your computer background. This makes us at the office very happy when we open our laptops in the morning!

2. Treat yourself to a Mediterranean lunch

Why does lunch on vacation always taste better than at home? Of course it’s always better if you don't have to prepare it yourself, but often other ingredients are used in other countries. Get all that goodies in house and take an extra five minutes to play your own chef.

3. Take a walk outside

You know that fresh air is good for you. But do you also make sure that you get enough of it during the day? You always feel better after a nice walk. Try to motivate each other at the office to get outdoors.

4. Eat outside in the evening

For us, a holiday equals eating outside. Of course, the temperature in your own country and towards the end of the summer is not always good. Fortunately, we have beautiful heating cushions especially made for outside, so that the cold doesn't hold you back. Enjoy your meal!

5. Make a photo book of all your beautiful memories

There is nothing more fun than looking through your holiday photos and collecting them in a nice book. There are several websites where you can easily put together your photo book online. You’ll find yourself coming back to that beautiful happy place in your memories while composing it.

6. Put your souvenirs on a nice spot

Do you often forget to unpack your souvenirs or do they end up in a corner somewhere? Things from other countries give a personal twist to your interior, at home or at the office, and let you make the most of your holiday memories. So give them a nice spot, in full view!

7. Make a playlist of summer songs

We all have favorite summer songs that we play continuously during our holidays. Make sure you collect them in a playlist and start your (working) day in a good mood. Turn the volume up! Make sure your neighbours aren’t home...

8. Plan a new trip

The tip that might help the most! If your wallet allows it, it’s very nice to put something new on the schedule. You’ll feel the excitement well in advance. At Stoov® at the office we also love to travel and we like to share the destinations we dream of.
[[TEXT-ROW-END]]Which tip are you going to use right away? Let us know on social media by tagging @mystoov while you sing along to your summer playlist, eat outside in the evening or take a refreshing walk!