Stay warm, but not too warm!

Stay warm, but not too warm!

Summer has finally arrived, we are experiencing more freedom and we’re all going out again. Our own country is now a nice place to be with pleasant temperatures and the sun. Do you love the heat as much as we do? Then go out in that sun! But be careful not to overheat and take care of yourself with these tips:


1. Put sunscreen on!

We know what the sun can do to your skin. Putting on sunscreen is therefore the way to go, with a good protection factor, to prevent you from getting burned and to keep your skin healthy. Make sure you have several tubes with you. Do you ever forget to put on sunscreen? Then put a bottle of aloë vera in the fridge. It’s extra cooling for your skin after sunbathing.

2. Stay hydrated

Hydrating is always good for your body. So it makes sense that with warmer weather you keep a closer eye on your moisture balance. You may not always think about it, but dehydration is lurking in tropical temperatures. Treat yourself with a cheerful design water bottle, so that you always have water at hand. Good for your body!

3. Keep it cool

Don’t exert yourself too much and seek out the coolness. A nice spot in the shade, but also relaxing by a lake or at the pool, we can definitely recommend. Also slow down your pace when it’s hot to avoid overheating. Keep your cool, literally and figuratively.

4. Keep your windows and curtains closed during the day

The first thing we always do when the heat hits, is to throw all the windows and curtains wide open. Nice fresh air! However, it’s better not to do this during the middle of summer. Keep all your curtains and windows closed during the day. Sounds crazy, but this way you keep the heat out and you can sleep nice and cool at night.

We wish you a very nice summer!

Stay warm, but not too warm!