Cool guy or hot head: how cold and heat affect your body

Cool guy or hot head: how cold and heat affect your body

Do you thrive on heat or cold? We love warmth, but only because of the cold. We have long known that warmth has certain advantages. But the cold also has its advantages. Some people are fresher and more efficient at lower temperatures and it improves your immune system when you regularly expose yourself to extreme cold. When you combine these two, you give your body a solid boost. It is like Yin and Yang or Pat and Mat, they belong together. Let us tell you more about what cold and warmth do to you.


The cold and your body

How nice that your body responds immediately to the cold! It automatically protects your vital organs. The blood vessels in your body constrict, causing your heart to pump faster. Less blood flows to the blood vessels and your limbs: the 'less vital' parts of your body. The blood stays with the important organs. Hands and feet are at the bottom of your body's priority list and, as you probably experience yourself, remain ice-cold.

Cool guy?

We often see the cold as something unpleasant and prefer warmth. For example, snug on the couch under a blanket or with a Stoov®. But the cold also has its advantages! As Wim Hof emphasizes: your metabolism speeds up, you burn more fat, you develop a stronger immune system and it gives you an energy boost which can make you feel better. So feel free to expose your body to the cold more often and experience the benefits! For example, start today with cold showers and keep the heating down. Or do you go for the real Wim Hof techniques and see yourself in your garden in an ice bath?



The cold is an absolute doorway to the soul. - Wim Hof


Your body as a hot topic

Unlike when your body experiences cold, the blood vessels dilate when you are hot. In particular the blood vessels on the surface, which cause that red face. And your sweat glands go 'on' causing you to sweat. Your body does this to cool itself and to stay below 37 degrees. It is actually always busy keeping the inside temperature constant, when it’s warm or cold.

Warmth is soooo hmmmmm.....delicious

Unlike the cold, we experience warmth as something wonderful. We love it! There's nothing better than the feeling of warm rays of the sun on your skin. And this has a reason: vitamin D. This vitamin strengthens your immune system, keeps your body strong and gives you energy. In addition, warmth is good for your health because it helps your muscles relax and stimulates your blood circulation. It also relieves stress and refreshes your fluid reserves.

Create your own comfort zone

Warmth is a very personal thing. A pleasant temperature is different for everyone. In general, women thrive better in a warmer climate than men. So find your own comfort zone and set your own temperature. That is the idea behind our heating cushions. With a Stoov® you can easily warm your body where you want it. The infrared heating technology provides ultimate relaxation for your muscles and, with three different heat settings, you get to pick your own perfect temperature. And in the winter, why not pay a visit to the sauna to let any stresses you may have slip away through the effects of heat?

Cold and warmth make a nice couple

Not only cold or warmth in themselves have positive effects, but the changes in temperature can be extra beneficial for your body. When you go from cold to warmth, you give your blood circulation a boost. From warmth to cold sets your nervous system on edge. So it really does something to you.


Always check with your doctor first whether you can start with cold or heat exercises.


Stay warm AND keep it cool ;)