Autumn colours for your interior

Autumn colours for your interior


Summer has flown by for most people and autumn has really begun! We hope you have enjoyed the warm sunshine and - like us - been outside a lot. Because with autumn comes colder temperatures. And that means we are indoors more often. Time to get your home ready for autumn with a cosy interior and autumn colours. We have talked to several trend watchers and found out what the autumn colours of 2021 will be.


Bright colours to cheer you up!

After a not so spectacular year, we can use a bit more cheerfulness. That's why bright colours are totally trendy again this autumn. So go for colour and let your creativity run wild, for example with this Ploov as yellow as a banana!

Start with natural shades as a base

Always make sure that you start with a good base, which you make with the right natural colors. The following colours are perfect for this according to The Pantone Colour Institute: Coconut Cream (a soft pink colour), Soy Bean (a beige colour with yellow undertones), concrete grey and olive green.

Other colours

Furthermore, several fashion experts have named these specific colours for this autumn:

  • Island blue: combines well with the warm colours of autumn.
  • Forest green: a colour that we see regularly in autumn.
  • All shades of brown: from deep brown colours to light shades.
  • Yellow: friendly and optimistic.
  • Orange: deeper shades and terracotta.
  • Pink: from soft to bright.
  • Red: for beautiful accents.


Besides colours, there are also fabrics that are gaining popularity this autumn. Knitwear, for example, is predicted to be the trend for autumn and winter. Jumpers are cool and you can wear them anytime, anywhere, in any combination, just as well with a pleated skirt as with jeans. Knitwear dresses are also very hot again!

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Do what feels right!

But above all, go for colours that make you warm and happy. Stimulate your creativity by regularly changing things around in your living room and keep experimenting. Because this way you will find the best match in colour, fabric and shape for your personal interior!